BN’s corner of the island

My dad….

Chief omellettier, flip flop finder, shim & beveler, meat smoker, grilling engineer, avian housing constructer, car packer, buck stretcher, scallop and bass procurer, ferry greeter, tinkerer, futzer, ear wiggler & whatever else is needed.

and, fortunately for me… whittler…

Over the years his wood shop has churned out fish and islands and whatever shapes we desired. Occasionally there were quality control problems but this was always handled with grace and a willingness to do it again. Small wood projects got bigger…and bigger….
But it all started with this guy.

So, if you are lucky enough to have such a great Dad, why not celebrate him with his own TAB?

fish shaped stone necklace …
He lives on an island and you will usually find him sitting at his corner of the island.